Computer Services

What makes Concise Advice Computer Services different?   How is that important to you?

What we do:  We help business owners by freeing up their time so that they can grow and operate their business.  We bring value by aligning and streamlining their processes, eliminating dual data entry, finding software that delivers a balance between the needs and the budget.

What we don’t do:  We don’t repair hardware and are not a break/fix company.  There are hundreds of excellent PC service companies in the Tampa/St Pete area.   I can help you find one.

We bring 30+ years of significant company experience into the reach of the small business owner and deliver more value.  It is essential that you get options so that you can make informed business decisions.

Our service gets you access to Computer, Network and Software expertise, all three of which need to be in alignment to get the most benefits.

How does that work?

All work is consulting/service hours.  Let’s just call them hours.

They are usable for anything.  From education/training, installing and configuring the software to integration activities between solutions.

Examples are:

Create a business risk assessment, defining a backup strategy, implementing sync of information between CRM, Financials, and Inventory. Elimination of dual data-entry is another example. Keeping calendars aligned between employees, yourself and clients helps to schedule and gives visibility of who is where and when.  Everybody has essential information that you want to access anywhere you are on your phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.  Being able to send that invoice pdf while you are talking to the client at his office from your phone.

The service can be as short or as long as you need it to be.

Below are some standard PC offerings from Concise Advice.  There is no need to use them if you are currently using other solutions and are happy with them.

The above packages are for the business owner who does not expect to need consulting/service hours throughout the year.  A work-order and service agreement is necessary in case hours are required.  Hours will be at the standard rate.