Industrial IoT and IoT

IoT and Industrial IoT are the buzzwords of the moment.

However, the real question is: What is the potential of the Internet of Thing to your business?

Industrial IoT has the most significant potential to improve your business unless you are planning to bring IoT enabled products to the market.

IIoT has lots of opportunities to create new or enhance business models in which customer satisfaction and retention, and turning service into a profit center, are at the forefront.

Service Supply Chain

Your service supply chain should be designed and optimized to deliver on your service strategy.

You need a service network that can deliver on this strategy and allows for automatic inventory and delivery optimization.

Inventory management for service delivery is factors more complicated than a normal supply chain.

Product Management

It does not matter if you are a software company developing for the market or another type of business developing software for internal use.

Software development is the art of managing  delivery time with features, resources and dollars.  

Product management clarifies the development process so that business decisions can be made objectively.