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We want to share our hard-earned, real-world knowledge and experience with the companies that need it.


Everybody talks about being strategic and to a certain extent strategic is “easy”.  What is hard is ensuring that the day-to-day operations, as well as the tactical aspects of the chosen strategy, can both be accomplished.


Professional means being realistic about what can be accomplished and when.  Pointing out the associated risk, upsides and downsides are a standard part of the process, as well as letting the client know if Concise Advice is the right company or not for the requested engagement.


The client’s success is paramount, which means looking at everything from the client’s perspective while coming up with innovative solutions that will accomplish the goal(s).

A Team Of Professionals

Dick Kluis

Owner, Principal

Jim Wilkes



Dick is a true professional with exceptional knowledge across reverse logistics operations and information technology. Dick has unique experience in both running operations and then moving into the software development of the technology used to support and improve a services supply chain.

Dick has always been committed, driven and innovative in his approach to solving supply chain problems. Great to work with and you can trust that he will stand behind his commitments. If he says he can do it, he will!

Tom Maher

SVP Global Services, Dell

Dick and I were both part of the executive management team of Jabil Global Services. His expertise is in IT and Supply Chain Management. I found him to be thoughtful in his advice and counsel and always willing to help. He had an excellent track record of driving efficiencies and lowering material costs. He was frequently asked to join Business Development and Sales in executive customer meetings where his input was always of value. On more than one occasion we closed the deal because of Dick’s contribution to the overall effort.

Jim Hunt

VP of Sales, Jabil Aftermarket Services

I came to know Dick both as a customer at Jabil Circuit and as a colleague managing service parts reverse logistics software. He is knowledgeable, practical and would add value to any organization focused on supply chain, manufacturing or repair operations.

Andy Huber

Manager of System Strategy & Deployment, Xerox

Dick is one of the more innovative and most trustworthy individuals I have ever worked with. He captures issues and challenges quickly and drives toward solutions in an objective and fact-based approach at high speed. I always enjoyed working with him.

Hartmut Liebel

President and CEO, iQor

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