Dick Kluis

Dick Kluis

Dick Kluis is President and founder of Concise Advice LLC.  He is a seasoned executive who has a history of successfully leading dynamic organizations to achieve significant improvements in supply chain operations & systems, software product management and information technology.  His keen understanding of the service supply chain, their supporting business processes, strength in building teams and mentoring is what makes him so competent.  Bringing these areas together also makes him extremely effective during due-diligence efforts in mergers and acquisitions.

With 30+ years experience Dick has full understanding the roles these disciplines have in achieving strategic objectives and adding value to various operations. His expertise allows him to propose innovative yet pragmatic solutions to reduce the client’s operational risks while other solutions may increase revenues and profits in a cost-effective and timely manner. Efficiency, responsiveness and attention to the specific client’s needs together with focus on the client’s success make Dick an ideal partner.

Prior to launching Concise Advice, Dick most recently enjoyed a career with PTC, a $1.3B company with 6,000+ employees in all regions of the world.  In his most recent role as VP Solution Management for Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) led the development of multiple solutions.

His global work experience has given Dick an unique perspective on how to pull teams together across cultures.

Tom Maher – SVP Global Services

Dick is a true professional with exceptional knowledge across reverse logistics operations and information technology. Dick has unique experience in both running operations and then moving into the software development of the technology used to support and improve a services supply chain.

Dick has always been committed, driven and innovative in his approach to solving supply chain problems. Great to work with and you can trust that he will stand behind his commitments. If he says he can do it, he will!

Hartmut Liebel – President and CEO

Dick is one of the more innovative and most trustworthy individuals I have ever worked with. He captures issues and challenges quickly and drives toward solutions in an objective and fact based approach at high speed. Always enjoyed working with him.

Andy Huber – Manager of System Strategy & Deployment

I came to know Dick both as a customer at Jabil Circuit and as a colleague managing service parts reverse logistics software. He is knowledgeable, practical and would add value to any organization focused on supply chain, manufacturing or repair operations.